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Spectacle frames

If you have been wearing prescription eyeglasses, we understand how difficult it is to find a blend of everything - comfort, technology as well as a great look! We do not want you to struggle through the process of choosing a particular shape, size for your frames that is appropriate for your number. Our experienced optometrist with their years of expertise will guide you every step of the way to avoid any confusion and help you choose something that looks and feels great.



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  • tommy-hilfiger-th6156-c2-size-53-eyeglasses_g_1113

  • tommy-hilfiger-th6160-c3-size-53-eyeglasses_g_7423

  • tommy-hilfiger-th6161-c3-eyeglasses_g_0931

  • tommy-hilfiger-th6165-53-c4-eyeglasses_g_6929

  • tommy-hilfiger-th6168-c3-53-eyeglasses_g_3791

  • tommy-hilfiger-th6195-c5-54-eyeglasses_g_3768

  • Tommy-Hilfiger-Turquoise-Square-Spectacle-SDL555949363-1-b37e7

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  • vchc56-0349

  • versace-ve-1261b-1002-2

  • versace-ve-3248-5074

  • VOGUE-5206-W44-51x17x140-1024×683

  • vogue-vo-4128-5109

  • vogue-vo-5139b-w44